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Взаимосвязь систем селекции, сортоиспытания и семеноводства

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Ideas concerning an efficiency of breeding program, seed production and adequate strain testing are reviewed regarding to up-to-date requirements need for agriculture. The efforts are focused on ecological plant adaptation to stresses. That is why, there is extremely necessary to develop a range of cultivars and varieties with desirable characteristics which could provide germplasm protecting and prevention of yield losses under stress conditions. Moreover, there should be organized seed stocks, taking into account the all cultivated area in Russia. Ecological stable plant cultivation is a most suitable way of plant growing that also leads to precise strain identification for all cultivars handled in a considered region.

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А.А. Жученко


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Жученко .А. Взаимосвязь систем селекции, сортоиспытания и семеноводства. Овощи России. 2008;(1-2):6-10.

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Zhuchenko .A. Interrelationship between plant breeding, strain testing and seed production. Vegetable crops of Russia. 2008;(1-2):6-10. (In Russ.)

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